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[[A N I M E U S A +lame story ]]

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2009, 9:34 AM
[[ Anyone going? ^___^ and here's a story since Nigaito has been replaced with a new one :3 But I'll still be using this account. ]]

Dec 14 2008--I was born into the new world, introduced to others just like me. Everyone called me "cute" from my shy behavior... Being open took a little longer than expected, but because everyone was so nice, so caring, we worked on that together. I remember when I use to make many mistakes, but I was grabbed into a tight embrace instead of being scolded, which, made my face turn red. Usually, the house was filled with all sorts of frantic events; I couldn't keep up very much. I may have not understood often, but I wasn't stupid either. Gradually, these fun days began to slow down while the ones I really loved disappeared. I don't remember much, but I made new friends, the rest was a blur, and I remember a really white bright room. I was held there for who knows how long. I lost contact with a lot of my friends and family, but I stayed strong, wanting to return to those happy fun filled days. Finally, I was released from that terrible place, sprinting as fast as I could to the old Vocaloid House. However, Aug 12 2009--a "new" Nigaito was born. Everyone seemed so happy and amazed at the new creation...long forgetting about me. Familiar faces passed by as I frantically reached out for them. Though ... it was not the same ones I knew anymore. Their bodies was the same, however, they had forgotten about me. Of course, I kept searching till the very end, but one night, someone had found me unconscious and battered in the rain. "What a pity, and it's the older version of the vocaloid too ..." They muttered. Whoever they were, they took me someplace, not as bright as before, but rather dull and depressing. Humans passed slowly by me, examining me as I reluctantly smiled at them, thinking it was my friends and family, finally coming back for me. I knew it wouldn't happen and sorrowful tears began stream out slowly from my tired eyes. I could not compete with the newer versions of vocaloids, so I slowly became unresponsive to my surroundings. One day, my door was opened by a nice smiling man. He looked like a scientist--with his round rimmed glasses and long white lab coat. The man picked me up and again--I was in a bright white room. Smiling sadly, he patted my head as he took out a syringe. I remember those things, often used by Taito, though he told me in a firm voice to never inject myself with them .. or I would that what happened to Taito? Did he pass away without my knowing? Interrupting my thoughts, a tourniquet was gently placed around my forearm and the hypodermic needle slid into my vein with ease. I have to admit that it did hurt a little, but the cool liquid coursed through my body, relaxing my tense muscles. Maybe that's why Taito liked doing that so often... I began to grow weak and sleepy knowing that this would be my final time on Earth. With my last bit of energy, I smiled, as my eyes began to slowly close, thinking of all of the ones who I loved.

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